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The Internship Program at Reach Counseling Center is designed to give graduate students a unique opportunity to gain clinical experience in a non-profit, church-based community counseling center.  Our center offers therapy for children, adolescents, individuals, couples, families, and groups.

If you intern with us, you’ll experience how to integrate clinical psychodynamic modalities with faith and spiritual practices while serving a wide variety of clients. You'll learn to help clients understand how their past impacts their present, how attachment relationships from childhood impact current relationships now, and how to work with trauma and psychosomatic symptoms.

In addition to the clinical experience you'll gain as an intern, we place a high value on you, the clinician. We know how hard it is to juggle an internship plus family, job, classes, AND still have a life! To that end, our program allows you the flexibility to schedule your client hours around your schedule. (Days, evenings, weekends; online or in-person.) Our goal is to develop and equip you to be the clinician you were created to be - we encourage exploration and discovery as you work with clients and groups.

Reach Counseling Center is known for our warm and dynamic team culture. Our program provides a supportive and welcoming experience; we learn together, we cry together, and we celebrate together during the weekly group and individual supervision sessions. (Three hours a week!) We also provide training on IFS, EFT, working with personality disorders, codependence, children & adolescents, couples, a gospel-centered mental health framework, case conceptualization, treatment planning, starting your private practice, and more.

If you’re interested in applying to be an intern at Reach Counseling Center, or to learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of this page to take your first step.

“This site has allowed me to discover who I am as a therapist through the guidance and support of my supervisors, client hours, leading groups, training, and group supervision. Reach offers a strong team culture, creative freedom, and such kind leadership.”

Meg Folgado

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

“From supervision, to flexibility, to educational resources and solid collaboration, this site has prepared me in unexpected and incredible ways to enter the work and privilege of counseling folks.”

Zack Lacy

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

“I experienced being a part of a caring community at Reach Counseling. I was able to express needs as a new clinician and ask the questions I needed answered. I was supplied with endless resources... and excellent snacks!”

Brenda Ulinski

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

“My internship experience was far more than I expected. I was supported and encouraged from day one to discover the therapist that I want to be and am becoming. I feel equipped and excited for my next steps into a private practice.”

Beck Judy

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

“The supportive, nurturing environment facilitated by our supervisors has afforded the encouragement I've needed to explore who I am as a clinician. The great supervision and regular training supplemented and sharpened my skill-base.”

Caylin Ford

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

“I have been so thankful for my experience in this internship! I have felt supported through the supervision, training, and the community of interns throughout this entire process. I feel prepared for my next steps into private practice.”

Cristina Neuenschwander

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

“I have been able to explore more deeply how my faith informs my theory and practice. Josh and Amy have been competent supervisors, giving freedom to work within my theoretical orientation and providing additional training on the nuances of practice and interdisciplinary coordination for client care.”

Erik Brennecke


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